Topic outline

  • This course in an introduction to a microprocessor. Students are exposed to the internal architecture of the microprocessor, various instruction sets, and basic hardware design of microprocessor-based. Simple I/O interfacing is introduced.

  • Topic 1

    Chapter  1 – Introduction to Microprocessors


    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Explain the role of the CPU, memory and I/O device in a computer

    2.    Distinguish between the microprocessor and microcontroller

    3.    Differentiate various form of programming languages

    4.    Compare between CISC vs RISC and Von Neumann vs Harvard architecture

  • Topic 2

    Chapter  2 – Introduction to 68000

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Point out the feature of 68000 and its architecture

    2.    Recognize the register sets in 68000 programming model

    3.    Interpret the memory map and its addressing ranges

  • Topic 3

    Chapter  3 – Introduction to 68000 Instruction Sets

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Explain the type of addressing modes in the 68000

    2.    Compare the different instruction sets in the 68000

  • Topic 4

    Chapter  4 – 68000 Instruction Sets

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Analyze and interpret the simple instruction set and addressing mode

    2.    Use various form of instruction sets in a program

    3.    Infer the outcome of flags in the status register

  • Topic 5

    Chapter  5 – Program Development

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Distinguish between various codes in the programming language

    2.    Explain the role of assembler and compiler

    3.    Distinguish between different data types

    4.    Use directive assemblers for source code development

  • Topic 6

    Chapter  6 – Address Register

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Differentiate between direct and indirect register modes

    2.    Compare and contrast the various modes of  ARI operation; ARI with pre-decrement, post-increment, ARI with displacement and ARI with index and displacement

    3.    Analyze the result of operation for different ARI modes

  • Topic 7

    Chapter  7 – Program Flow

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Interpret the flowchart into effective program

    2.    Identify the type of flow control

    3.    Differentiate between branch and jump instructions and know to use it

    4.    Use various branch instructions to produce effective program

    5.    Develop a program using branch and looping techniques

  • Topic 8

    Chapter  8 – Subroutine

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Describe and apply the stack for data storage

    2.    Describe the process of subroutine in any programs

    3.    Develop a subroutine and code

    4.    Interpret subroutine process in the stack

    5.    Write and calculate a delay subroutine

  • Topic 9

    Chapter  9 – Hardware Architecture of 68000

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Describe the internal architecture of 68000

    2.    Describe general specification of 68000 microprocessor

    3.    Outline the processor’s control signals name and functions

    4.    Sketch the general timing signal for read and write operation

  • Topic 10

    Chapter  10 – Memory & Simple I/O Interfacing

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Explain the importance of tri-state devices in microprocessor system

    2.    Distinguish basic type of semiconductor memory and their applications

    3.    Relate the address and data bus for various memories

    4.    Describe I/O interfacing concept such as I/O driver and memory mapped

    5.    Relate the role of latch and buffer in interfacing with simple I/O devices

  • Topic 11

    Chapter  11 – Address Decoder

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Design of address decoder – partial and full

    2.    Interpret and determine address ranges of memory map

    3.    Describe I/O interfacing concept such as I/O driver and memory mapped

    4.    Write a program for simple I/O interfacing

  • Topic 12

    Chapter  12 – Parallel Interfacing

    Expected Outcomes

    1.    Identify the internal registers of MC6821

    2.    Design the hardware interface for various I/O devices using MC6821

    3.    Develop and write codes using MC6821

  • Topic 13

    Chapter 13 – Serial Interfacing

    Expected Outcomes

    1. Explain the fundamental idea of operation of serial interface

    2. List and describe type of serial interface

    3. Identify the serial interface characteristic such as data framing and baud rate

    4. Explain and describe the role line driver in serial interface

    5. Write a program using serial interface