This multi-disciplinary course provides student to introduction policy, scope and research area in
industrial biotechnology sector in Malaysia and global scenario. This subject focus on interaction
between scientific discovery, applications and challenge impact in biotechnology. There are four focus
field includes industrial microbiology, agricultural, healthcare, biomaterial, enzyme and bioinformatics
potential process will be discussed. Students also will be exposed to important and related
components in commercialization such as issues, biosafety, bioethics, regulations, intelectual rights,
facilities and expertise needed in biotechnology industries.

This course discusses on statistical problem-solving methodology and descriptive statistics; sampling distribution and confidence interval; hypothesis testing; analysis of variance (ANOVA); regression and correlation including simple and multiple linear regressions; and goodness-of-fit test and contingency tables. Statistical packages such as Microsoft Excel shall be used in this course.

This course is designed to introduce the modern instrumental methods that are used to solve analytical problems in chemistry. A qualitative and quantitative analysis which is studied in Analytical Chemistry course will be further developed. The course will begin with the explanation of instrumentation methods concept and the tools of quantitative analysis. Students will expose to spectroscopy (AAS, MS, UV/VIS, FTIR and NMR) and deals with chromatography (HPLC and GC).