Topic outline

  • This course provides a brief description about process plant design and basic fundamental of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). It is important to know all processes in plant and distinguish between them. Nowadays, GMP is known as an essential backbone for compliance in good manufacturing practices. Therefore, students will learn how to design flowsheets in process plant and able to explain all processess that involved in manufacturing for example upstreaming, scale up and downstreaming process. Other than that, students will learn how to construct a feedback and feedforward system in biomanufacturing. Students also will be introduced to GMP, facilities related, documentation as well as exposure to important and related components in commercialization such as issues, biosafety, regulations, facilities and expertise needed in biotechnology industries.

    At the end of the course, students should be able to:

    Describe the flow sheet as well as feedback and feedforward system in biomanufacturing process.
    Show proper facilities, instrumentation & quality control method and documentation in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) & HACCP
    Compare and contrast different types of downstream & upstream processing in biomanufacturing

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