Topic outline

  • Course Summary:

    In this course, the student will be exposed to the parameters of antenna such as radiation pattern, impedance, directivity, gain, polarization. Design principles to design various types of antenna are will be taught throughout the course. Students will be exposed to the techniques for estimating the propagation performance of a communication channel.

  • Introduction

    In this topic covered the basic concept of antenna operation and the propagation of wave. Introduction Slide

  • Antenna Fundamental

    In this topic, the student will be exposed to the basic of communication systems. In addition, the regular term or keyword regarding to communication specifically in antenna.

  • Antenna Parameters

    At the end of this topic, student will be exposed to the parameters that related to antenna such as Radiation Pattern, Directivity, Gain, Antenna Efficiency and many more.

  • Transmission Line Using Smith Chart

    At the end of this topic, student will be able to use Smith Chart as a tool to for visualizing the impedance of a transmission line and antenna system.

  • Array Antenna

    An antenna array (or array antenna) is a set of multiple connected antennas which work together as a single antenna, to transmit or receive radio waves. The individual antenna elements are connected to a single receiver or transmitter by feedlines that feed the power to the elements in a specific phase relationship.One of example is Yagi-Uda antenna.

  • Helical Antenna

    A helical antenna is an antenna consisting of a conducting wire wound in the form of a helix. In most cases, helical antennas are mounted over a ground plane. The feed line is connected between the bottom of the helix and the ground plane.

  • Horn Antenna

    A horn antenna or microwave horn is an antenna that consists of a flaring metal waveguide shaped like a horn to direct radio waves in a beam. Horns are widely used as antennas at UHF and microwave frequencies, above 300 MHz.

  • Microstrip Antenna

    In telecommunication, a microstrip antenna (also known as a printed antenna) usually means an antenna fabricated using microstrip techniques on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). They are mostly used at microwave frequencies.

  • Basic Wave Propagation

    At the end of this topic, student will be exposed to the basic concept of the waves travel in different ways and modes. 

  • Wave propagation Models

    At the end of this topic, student will be exposed to variation types of wave propagation models.