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This course emphasizes on the fundamental of digital electronics. The student is first taught about the number system and logic gates before introducing them to digital IC technology. Then they are exposed to both combinational logic network and combinational MSI logic. In concurrence with this, the fundamental of sequential logic, flip-flop, counter and shift register will be taught. Finally, the memory devices are introduced. Course Outcomes At the end of this course student should be able to: 

CO 01: Apply various techniques for digital logic fundamental and simplification (C3) 

CO 02: Analyze sequential logic system in designing counter, shift register and MSI logic circuit. (C4) 

CO 03: Explain the architecture and operations of memory devices. (C2) 

CO 04: Construct logic circuit and counter. (P) 

CO 05: Conduct independent readings and research in designing digital electronic problems using engineering software. (A3, LLL2)