Topic outline

  • Introduction

    This lecture will discuss the purpose of programming as well as the basic structure of C programming.

    Students are expected to gain understanding of the purpose of programming. In addition, students are expected to know the structure of C programming and memorize it.

  • Print and Read

    This lecture will give the students the knowledge on using C programming to print and read data. Two functions will be described, namely the printf() and scanf(), which are used for displaying and reading values, respectively.

  • Variables and math.h

    In this lecture, students will learn a second header known as math.h and solve mathematical problems using variables and mathematical functions available in math.h.

  • if Statement

    In this lecture, students will learn the basic structure of if control statement. Then, the if statement will be applied in if-else and nested if statements.

  • Switch Statement

    In this lecture, student will learn about switch statement, which has a similar functionality as if statement, but with different programming structure. 

  • while Statement

    In this lecture, students will acquire the information of using while statement to allow looping in their programming code. Students also will learn on how to do an infinite looping to allow user to input things until in is correct. 

  • for Looping

    This lecture will provide the students with the fourth control statement - for statement. For statement has the same functionality as while statement, but it is more widely used as compared to its counterpart.

  • Function

    In this lecture, students will learn how to develop their own function. An example of function that they have used so far is int main(). 

  • Array

    In this lecture, students will learn how to use a new variable type - array. There are generally divided into two subtypes: 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional arrays. Arrays are very useful in defining many variables at the same time.

  • Array in Function

    In this final lecture, students will learn on implementing a function involving arrays.