Topic outline

    • Welcome to BPF2113 – Research Methodology at Faculty of Industrial Management, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. This course is core course available for those undertaking the degree in Industrial and technology management where students are provided with a strong foundation in the application on principles, theories, concepts, practices, interpretations and issues in Research Methodology.

      This subject is intended to give an understanding and knowledge on the methodology of research and its application when conducting research projects. The topics to be covered are: Introduction to Research; Research topic, research question and research design; Reviewing the Literature; Sampling and measurement; Observation; Research instruments; Analysing Data, Completing the Research Project.
    • By the end of semester, students should be able to:

      CO1: Select research and research methods. 

      CO2: Construct research proposals by using appropriate research methods.

      CO3: Propose research method for problem solving. 

  • Lesson 1 - Introduction of Reserach

    • Lesson Synopsis

      This course will explain the brief concept of research and its application to solve the company/ industry problems. Besides that, this course is also discussed the importance of theory or in absence of theory to explain the phenomena. The content of proposal and attributes of good research topics will help the students to understand better to prepare a scientific proposal.

      Expected outcomes:

      1.       In the end of lesson 1 the students are able to understand the nature of research and its application.

      2.       Students are expected to identify the research topic in advise of potential supervisor.

    • In order to get better understanding student is required to complete the assessment 1.

  • Topic 2

  • Topic 3

    • Critical Review Existing Literature

    • In order to get better understanding student is required to complete the assessment 3.

  • Topic 4

  • Topic 5

  • Topic 6

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  • Topic 8

  • Topic 9

  • Topic 10