This course introduces basic Physics principle in mechanics and thermodynamics field. Topics covered in this course including measurement, vectors, kinematics, Newton's law of motion, work, energy, power, fluid mechanics, static equilibrium, temperature, heat and also first law of thermodynamics.

Learners need to sit for four quizzes (either offline quizzes during class or online quizzes during class week), two tests and one final examination. An assignment is also given to encourage the learners’ to have sufficient depth of study. First test will be held before semester break and second test before study week; which will cover certain topics.

There are two main topics will be delivered to the learners; i.e., mechanics and thermodynamics. Students centered learning (SCL) approach will be applied during the class; which the learners will be the main role, whereas the lecturer’s role is limited as a facilitator.

Learners should be able to (i) explain theories learned to solve problems of mechanics including kinematics and dynamics and also thermodynamics, (ii) analyze the appropriate concepts learned using the right principle and laws and (iii) respond and contribute to the need of group work in assigned task; upon completion of the course.